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Sustainable Finance Acadmy went live

In this training course, you become a Sustainable Finance Practitioner. Karen Wendt  and Bernd Villhauer lead you through the learning process. They will teach you how to align business models with Sustainable Development Goals. Start now! https://iversity.org/de/courses/sustainable-finance?r=02afa

Leadership coaching and instigating Theories of Change

Strength, Vision and Confidence start within.

When leaders perform at their peak, that flows down through the entire organization – because confident leaders create productive teams!
We are living through extraordinary times. If you want to lead change,  be ahead of the curve in solving the questions of our century, you need an antifragile strategy, a resilient team but first and foremost you need yourself.
You are the one responsible for imagining how markets will look like ten years from now.
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We support our partners in open banking, open finance blockchain solutions, digitalisation of companies and exponential tech, expanding the Swiss Crypto Valley. Swiss made finance and impact entrepreneurship.

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Our professional community makes a difference in FinTech, Finance, Tech and Digitisation. We offer free coding course diplomas (MOOC), and educational webinars, virtual offices hours, coaching and mentoring

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Female professionals, entrepreneurs and experts to contribute in plan9ng the seeds for the entrepreneurial trees of the future, offering know- how capital, social capital, built capital and co-ini9ate fundraising


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