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Angel Training

Close the Female Wealth Gap and start investing

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Why attend Angel Training

1. Make mistakes without taking real risks
Everyone makes mistakes, it’s the part of the job, but sometimes the consequences can be tough to recover from. The Angel Training is not a tiring lecture class, and it’s organized as a game which allows you to make the most common mistakes that beginning (and even expert) angel investors make in a controlled environment.
“What was good was that we were practising a skill, rather than listening to a lecture. Through the games, we were able to integrate concepts easily”.
2. Learn on real-life cases
Angel investors need to understand the basics of early-stage investing; the more they know, the better they are likely to make smart investing decisions. Angel Training gives them the opportunity to explore early-stage investing in real-life cases while gaining experience. Investors will be given information sheets about startups they could invest in & will be asked to go through all the same steps as they would when making investment decisions in the real world. At the end of the Training, we will reveal the results and, therefore, give the investors the opportunity to see if their decisions would be smart in the long term.
“We heard how Family Offices and other investors work and after doing the case studies  we actually felt it how it works.”
3. Learn that time is of the essence
During  the Angel Training, the participants count with limited time. This will teach them the importance of smart analyzing the potential value of the ideas and how decision-making requires a lot of experience and not only information.
4. Connect & consult with experts
Connection with other inspiring angels is one of the things promoted in our Angel Training through our investment angel cohorts.  We first build investors cohorts to guide you through the games and cases. You therefore meet your peers and experts which will create a long lasting relationship with you. We believe that experience beats all the ‘school books’, so during the event, the attendees can consult on their ideas, get valuable advice & learn from the experts.
“We formed groups and interacted, which is a better way to get to know people and learn a skill. Now it’s super-well imprinted in my head.”
5. Advanced Training and Curated Partners
We are adding more companies, and we are curating VCs, wealth managers and banks.
Get your say now and learn how to invest!

What you will know after the programme:

Understand and change your money mindset, address your blind spots

You have created your personal financial plan and you understand investment strategies, including risk liquidity return and impact for conventional and digital assets

You know where to go for investing

You have set up your sustainable portfolio and are ready for your first investment


You can analyze and evaluate fact sheets and fund documentation and spot greenwashing

You have the tools to do company valuations and due diligence yourself when you are investing in the primary market (venture capital, private equity, startups)

You can read term sheets and negotiate investment documentation (cap table, roadmap, milestones, voting rules, articles of association, investment contract, capital increase and dilution).

You know how to derisk and monitor your investments

Includes financial planning, budgeting, saving, debt and investing

Join us and become part of an inspiring community of changemakers who want to align their investments and their values.