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Become a sustainable savvy Investor

Become a sustainable savvy Investor


2. August 2024 10 am – 6 pm CEST

Location: online

What you will know after the programme:

Understand and change your money mindset, address your blind spots

Distinguish between green and greenwashed when investing

Identify blue washing, gender washing and white or social washing

Know 5 simple questions to ask to be spot on to fast-track sustainability issues

Know the investment landscape for sustainability: ETFs, shares, bonds and natural resources

Be able to create your own sustainable portfolio and apply investment strategies

Know how to compare any products for sustainability risk adjusted, return, fees and impact

Be able to use the SFTL Umushroom financial information platform  for comparison of investment alternatives

Understand how to get a sustainability-oriented pension fund

Understand how to find your sustainability-oriented wealth manager or platform

Access to training platform

Learn how ESG and impact are fundamentally different

Enjoy our innovative case study approach!


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