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Why women need a second income from investments


Why women need a second income from investments

Why women need a second income from investments

Why women need a second income from investments

Income from investments is completely normal for men, but still relatively new territory for women. It is important that women are given the opportunity to be financially independent. A second income is not only important for retirement, it is also important for the acquisition of assets.

Women can improve their financial stability and ensure more diversification with a second income. This means that personal circumstances and economic uncertainties can have less of an impact.
Different phases of women’s lives require different measures

It is perfectly normal for most women to go through the classic phases of life. First comes education and an early career. After that, they usually start a family, cut back a little on their jobs and then care for their relatives in a later phase of life.

As there are times when women often have less or no income, it is important that they make financial provisions. This means they can make up for losses from investments. This allows them to plan for the long term as well as take current and future needs into account.

It is important that you learn to adapt these phases to your investments so that they generate the right returns for you.

Smart decisions for higher returns

Women are known to invest more intelligently. Although they are often more cautious, they are much more successful at investing than men. It is important that women seek advice, especially from women, when it comes to money. This creates a relationship of trust, as female investment advisors better understand the personal needs of women at different stages of their lives.
It is always better to minimise risk through diversification. Different asset classes should be chosen, such as shares, bonds or property. A diversified risk ensures that a stable return can be achieved even in volatile market phases.

Our Angel Training for women as support

For these reasons, the Swissfintech Ladies have also launched the Angel Training programme. It is an opportunity for women to build up a network of like-minded people. Here they meet other women in the same or similar phases of life who can support and help each other. At the same time, mentors are available who have already gone through these phases of life and can share their experiences with other women.

Angel Training gives you free access to a certification course. You will learn how to always keep an eye on your investment portfolio and how to negotiate better. Learn how to be happy with your finances and find the right investment strategy for you. You will not be alone, a cohort of women in similar life situations will be by your side.

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