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Why risk and investor types are connected


Why risk and investor types are connected

Why risk and investor types are connected

Why risk and investor types are connected

The first question when investing is whether you have an appetite for risk or a need for security and stability. These are the two poles that exist. Either security and therefore smaller but reliable returns or risk appetite and possible loss. However, many investors do not even ask themselves this elementary question and those who do not invest but hesitate or do not know where to start may not ask themselves this question either. However, it is the most important question when investing. Know yourself inside out.

What type of investor are you? The one who wants stability or the one who is looking for adventure? Do you want a reliable second income or the dopamine rush of a big profit? The latter is more for professionals and people who can afford to lose money. They say that sometimes you win on the stock market, sometimes you win on experience. The Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahnemann developed his own theory of expectations for this. Most people slide into losses because they do not want to understand in time that their high-risk investment will not recover. It is essential to understand when to reallocate capital and this also depends on your experience, your risk appetite and your type. If you don’t know what type of investor you are, why not take our investor type quiz?

Every investor type can be successful in their own personal way. Ultimately, everyone defines success differently. Just imagine that you don’t have a lot of capital available and don’t want to take a lot of risk. You automatically accept that your return will be lower, but you will have been successful within your means and risk appetite.

The best thing to do before you start investing is to realise what your personality is like. Once you have answered these questions, you will be in a position to decide which investments and which strategies are right for your life cycle in the long term.

We talk about this in our Angel Training. A good way to find the right investment strategies for you is our Angel Training. There you will not only learn how to translate your needs into an investment strategy, but also how to network with other women. With our Angel Training, we want to put you in a position to make your own investment decisions with a holistic view of yourself, your family and your life cycle. This means linking financial knowledge with personal needs, incorporating progress controls and generating at least a second income.

We will introduce you to the different types of investors shortly. You will probably find yourself in one of the types and then perhaps reflect on how you can invest properly and how we can best support you.

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