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Partnership with Finanz- und Wirtschaft


Partnership with Finanz- und Wirtschaft

Partnership with Finanz- und Wirtschaft

We are glad to inform you about our event partnerships with Finanz- und Wirtschaft.

First and foremost we want to highlight that the Fund Experts Forum 2021» has been moved from April 14, 2021 to July 13, 202. Please check the website for ongoing information.

We are intrigued to be a partner for Blockchain and Financial Services 2021 with Finanz- und Wirtschaft. The event will take plae on June 16, 2021 at Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut, Rüschlikon.

Please download the brochure Blockchain FS 2021 V2.

Also please note the following events with Finanz- und Wirtschaft:

26.05.2021: Nachhaltig Investieren 2021

06.07.2021: Swiss FinTech Awards 2021

13.07.2021: Fund Experts Forum 2021

31.08.2021: Versicherungsbroker-Forum 2021

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