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Outrageous Predictions: The end of the road is a new beginning


Outrageous Predictions: The end of the road is a new beginning

Outrageous Predictions: The end of the road is a new beginning

Outrageous Predictions: The end of the road is a new beginning

In 2024, it becomes clear that the smooth road is at an end, sending the world into a dangerously uncertain future, writes Saxobank.

“Finding the good in the bad” often reflects the idea of seeking positive aspects or opportunities in challenging or negative situations. While it’s important to acknowledge and address difficult circumstances, adopting a positive perspective can offer several benefits:

Adversity can be a powerful teacher. Difficult situations often provide opportunities for personal and professional development. Embracing challenges and extracting lessons from them can lead to valuable insights and growth. A high oil price might be a welcome price signal that steers resource allocation efficiently and therefore may be a blessing, transforming us and our world.

The world is becoming multipolar, and old concepts have ceased to function. Of course, there might be a period of adversity we have to go through.

Also, when we look into geopolitics and cyberthreats, The medicine may be appreciation. Appreciation: Facing challenges can foster a greater appreciation for the positive aspects of life. Experiencing difficulties can help you recognise and savour the good moments, relationships, and opportunities when they come and focus on them.

And last but not least, creativity and innovation have saved us in the past. It will save us again.

Adversity is a personal growth teacher. It transforms you into a wiser person.

  1. Strength of Character: Enduring and overcoming challenges can contribute to the development of strength, perseverance, and character. It can shape your identity and make you more resilient in the face of future difficulties.
  2. Empathy and Compassion: Personal struggles can enhance empathy and compassion for others facing similar challenges. The word compassion is on the rise in the face of so many conflicts. We can now create a deeper understanding of human experiences and foster a sense of connection with others.
  3. The end of the road, as Saxo calls it, can serve as a powerful motivator. The desire to overcome difficulties and achieve positive outcomes can fuel determination and ambition.

Here is the link to Saxo’s outrageous predictions. https://www.home.saxo/en-ch/insights/news-and-research/thought-leadership/outrageous-predictions

SwissFinTechLadies outrageous prediction is, whatever happens, it will strenghten our compassion and lead to a new societal contract, and the contract will be multipolar . Women will step up as investors and make positive impact investing mainstream. Women are lifecycle oriented, longterm value investors. 

“Fourth Turning” is a concept popularised by historians William Strauss and Neil Howe in their book “The Fourth Turning.” They describe a recurring cycle of four generational archetypes—High, Awakening, Unravelling, and Crisis—each lasting approximately 20–25 years. The crisis phase is characterised by societal upheaval, conflict, and transformative change. This might be stressful, but we at SwissFinTechLadies are grateful that we are part of reimagining the earth.

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