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Our Corporate Members

At UMushroom, we’re all about empowering you to be a confident investor. Our platform equips you with the tools to build a portfolio and knowledge to excel, whether you’re a newbie or refining your skills. From finance basics to goal setting and instrument selection, we’re with you every step. Even if you’re short on time, our digital platform helps you make investing a daily habit.
We at UMushroom strongly believe: It’s not just about making money; it’s about transforming your financial future through education, training, and consistency.
Here is what we give to our users:
  • guided financial education, with both theory and practice thought by Tonia and Luba in weekly sessions
  • all tools to practice your investment skills in a close-to-market and yet safe environment
  • connectivity to trading and guidance how to select your bank or broker
  • access to a growing and learning community of professionals and peers

At VP Bank, we recognise the unique financial needs of women and embrace their aspirations. We understand that women often face distinct challenges on their financial journey. That’s why we are committed to providing tailored resources and support through our Female Finance Community.

That makes it the perfect match to partner with the SwissFinTechLadies. As we have a similar mission, to shape more female investors and to empower women so they can ensure a financially successful future!

Keen to unlock your financial potential? Join the Female Finance Community!

Benefit from educational content, events and community access here: www.vpbank.com/femaleFinance

We cannot wait to shape future collaborations to uplift, empower women and get more women invested to reach their financial goals!

“Everyone should be able to fully use their potential and opportunities, especially when it comes to their own finances,” says Dr. Daniela Massaro, Country Manager of Mastercard Switzerland. “Unfortunately, we still haven’t achieved financial equality in Switzerland yet. We observe a higher risk of financial bottlenecks and old-age poverty among women. This has to change. As Mastercard, we have the means and possibility to help make this happen and substantially contribute to equality.”

A goal Mastercard strongly shares with SwissFinTechLadies: to educate more women in finance and to get them to invest pro-actively. As of today, only 30% of the Swiss population invest. And out of these 30%, a bare 18% are women. “Part-time working will not make us wealthy and our impact to the world remains limited if we stay in this mindset. With investing this will change materially. First you need to build your wealth then you can be impactful.

We are an independent association representing all stakeholders neutrally, working as a center of gravity to foster the development of the Swiss FinteCH Ecosystem. And we are therefor cooperating with SwissFinTechLadies, who have a similar mission albeit concentrating on women in Switzerland.