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Meet our media partners: Search Inside Yourself


Meet our media partners: Search Inside Yourself

Meet our media partners: Search Inside Yourself

We are happy to introduce you to one of other media partners for the Art and Startup Night: Search Inside Yourself.

Unlocking Resilience: Search Inside Yourself Empowers Individuals and Organizations

Discover the transformative power of Search Inside Yourself (SIY), a program designed to unleash the best in individuals by integrating mindfulness practices, cutting-edge leadership research, emotional intelligence, and modern neuroscience. Organizations worldwide turn to SIY for its practical, scientifically proven methods that enhance emotional intelligence, well-being, resilience, and personal and organizational leadership.

Born in 2007 as an internal course for Google employees, SIY emerged from the collaboration of experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, leadership, and emotional intelligence. The program aimed to equip individuals with skills in leadership, mindfulness, empathy, and emotional intelligence, fostering conditions for personal and collective thriving.

As SIY gained popularity within Google, its founders responded to external demand by establishing the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) in 2012. Pronounced “silly” to maintain a light-hearted approach, SIYLI has since operated in over 50 countries, impacting over 100,000 individuals through its programs and events.

A key component of SIY, Adaptive Resilience Training employs a mindfulness-based approach to cultivate behaviors, mental habits, and practices that enhance personal resilience and contribute to a culture of resilience within teams and organizations.

Mindleader, in collaboration with SIY Global and certified teachers since 2017, has been instrumental in bringing this valuable program to the Swiss market. The partnership involves organizing public programs, workshops, and retreats.

Meet Yves Givel, founder of The Mindfulness Company, dedicated to bringing the benefits of mindfulness and mindful leadership to workplaces and beyond. With a rich background in senior HR leadership roles, including Corporate Vice President Talent Management in a global hospitality company, Yves played a pivotal role in developing leadership competencies for the organization’s transformation into a purpose-driven entity.

Before establishing his own business, Yves served as Senior Vice President Human Resources, overseeing the HR organization across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Southwest Asia. Passionate about mindfulness and leadership development, Yves became a Certified Teacher of the ‘Search Inside Yourself’ mindful leadership program in 2018. He now shares his expertise by teaching this powerful program, along with other SIY-certified programs, in various formats and lengths, both within organizations and public programs.

For more information and to unlock the full spectrum of resilience tools, contact us today!

Daniela Reinhard: daniela.reinhard@mindleader.org or Yves Givel: yves@mindfulness-company.com

Don´t miss out on our big event on 25th November 2023 at TrustSquare Infomedia Paradeplatz, Zürich

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