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Longevity suits women nicely – what it takes to live your dream


Longevity suits women nicely – what it takes to live your dream

Longevity is a dream of mankind. It has some implications, though. We have to become a new personality; we have to change completely to live longevity. What does it mean financially? We can get to longevity, to lead a good life, it needs to be synchronised with financial longevity. Here are some considerations from our working group lead Daria Mühlethaler.

Be personally financially prepared: It is vital to proactively plan your finances for years to come. Think about your retirement and develop scenarios about how you want to live and what supportive investments you need to make over your lifecycle.

The extended female lifespan requires longevity planning. You might work longer or engage in your dream business activities, and you need to build up a second income that complements your pension plan.

Seek activity. Good advice from market specialists that empower women to make their lifecycle and long-term investments in their holistic approach.

Women need a roadmap to strategically invest. It is essential for them to have their financial landscape that allows them to invest successfully.

Keep in mind: You are shaping your financial future, and we help you gain inclusivity.

It was so great to see you all in Davos for this unforgettable event!

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