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Lets Co-create female innovation platforms


Lets Co-create female innovation platforms

Lets Co-create female innovation platforms

It is really cool that we now see the first female innovation platforms emerge. We urgently need more funds from women to support women led projects. Ladies Drive is pushing ahead. BMW gets it. We are partnering with Ladies Drive in this journey and co-create platforms with them and others.

On july 7th, female innovators meet at BMW in Dielsdorf for one of the first female innovation award ceremonies.

Here we share with you the programme: https://buff.ly/3R47YXH. PROGRAM

13:00 Door opening, catering, networking
13:40 Start Innovation Keynote Speeches with Lara Amini, Simone Riedel Riley and Stephanie Sievers
15:10 Short networking break
15:45 Introductions of our Founders with Anne Richter (Knecker), Claire Meuwly & Larina Laube (NOW Care), Halla Sigurthorsdottir (Aiving), Dr. Fajer Mushtaq (Oxyle) and Dr. Francine Lorenz (Symply Health).
16:15 Workshops with our founders
17:45 Welcome Award Night Guests & Apéro
18:30 Start Award Night Dinner
19:10 Keynote Claudia Nerger
20:45 Award ceremony
22:30 End of Award Night and Farewell

The event will be moderated by the wonderful Sunnie J.Groeneveld.

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