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Investors Types – which Type are you?


Investors Types – which Type are you?

Investors Types – which Type are you?

Lady Be Happy: Be in the now. Lady Be Happy has the motto Carpe diem and loves the current moment. She is valuing her present self over her future self, therefore saving and investing is not so much on her agenda, as the results of investing can be seen only in a decade from now. As she does not experience the benefits of investing, she is indifferent toward money.

However, once she has a goal in mind, she is a force to be reckoned with. With beginner enthusiasm, she is likely to try out different investment approaches to find the best one. Gaining knowledge in an easy-to-digest way will put her on the right track.

Lady I don’t know: Lady I don’t know is a little scared about money. She does a lot of thinking before making a decision.

The pros are that she is very intuitive, and as such, however she is often trapped inside their heads. Money is always a headache, independent of how much she has. Fear of losing money is holding her back from investing in her full potential. However, with a lot of training she is capable of overcoming her fears. Every investor typ needs to manage fear, and she is going through the process very consciously.

Lady Relax: Lady Relax is open to investments and has tried out investing. Her laid-back attitude helps her view risk in a more open-minded way. Sharing knowledge with other investors is putting her on a fast track to success. She sees money more as a tool than something she needs to actively nurture. So our advice to her is tostay persistent and consistent.

Lady Critical: Lady Critical is always assessing her decision behavior. Was she really doing the right thing? Remember, doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. She sees the significance money plays in everyday life; she sees it as a source of many riches; however, it is not easy to get and not easy to make it stay, so she is questioning her decision-making behavior day in-day out. She is acknowledging  the true potential of the financial markets and the independence she could achieve once she found the courage to overcome doubts. She is usually very well acquainted with financial jargon and is only a step away from utilizing her knowledge.

Lady Fail-fast: Lady Fail believes it is better to fail fast than run in the wrong direction for too long. Better a correction of course through a new decision than a what if. She is trying out investments with small amounts and learns from failure fast. More than any other investor type, she is driven by a vivid image of what her life is supposed to look like and is willing to make the changes to fulfil her dreams. For her, investing is a way of creating money to finance her lifestyle.

Lady Life is a candy shop: Considered advanced in her financial know-how and has no problem navigating the financial jargon. More than any other investor type, she sees no fun in investing if there is no risk. For her, investing is almost a lifestyle. It allows her to play bigger and riskier, but still finance their joys in life. An opportunity to earn money is always right around the corner.

There are also famous investor types for each of the Ladies and an appropriate investment strategy for every type. We will reveal more in our angel investment training.

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