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Happy New Year from SwissFintechLadies


Happy New Year from SwissFintechLadies

Happy New Year from SwissFintechLadies

We are entering a new year, and together with you, we would like to reflect on our projects, success and work in progress. One of our dreams coming true was our Art and StartUp Night, which brought together so many female networks to co-creating and weaving an amazing event.

Also, we would like to know from you: What dreams did you make come true in 2023, on which ones are you still working on? Let us co-create 2024 and make 2024 an even better year together. Let us set the stage for a purposeful and fulfilling 2024.

We have planned a lot for 2024 to make it an even better year and make it even more successful for you and us. In 2024, we will go above and beyond. Let us tell you what you can expect from us:

  • On January 16–18, 2024, you can meet SwissFinTechLadies at the WEF, Oberwiesstr. 3, Davos, where we are partnering with our WEF Partner World Innovation Economics. On January 17th, there will be our SwissFinTechLadies panel and and pitching event, the television  Börse Bern, BX TV, will stream our event live on TV. Join our SwissFinTechLadies pitches and presentations, and write to us to get your free ticket by answering with I am in. You can also register here for free: https://www.worldinnovationeconomics.org/
  • Meet our longevity expert, Daria Mühlethaler in Davos and online. She will inform you on longevity on an ongoing basis in our blog, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts. We will offer free online workshops. For more details, follow us on LinkedInEventBrite,Twitter and check out our website. Watch out for our news on our Presseportal. We are organising two online sessions on longevity for you in February.
  • We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Umushroom and Colivar. Our new Angel Training will start on March 2nd, 2024. It will guide you from personal finance to investing in stock markets, pension schemes, and ETFs to investing as an angel investor in venture capital, start-ups, crypto, WEB3, and tokens. You will learn how to do state-of-the art due diligence, get the right portfolio, and avoid all the behavioural traps in investing. Our focus, as always, is on closing the female wealth gap and investing in female entrepreneurs, and our programme is designed in particular for women who want to start investing even with small amounts, get their feet wet, and learn and grow. You will receive a certificate at the end of the course; you will have created your own investor cohort of like-minded women, and you will enjoy the advantages of our Female Angel Club where you can discuss and calibrate your investments. Our Angel Training is available on our website and in our shop. Here is the link: https://swissfintechladies.ch.
  • Join our Female Angel Club and visit us here https://emotional-agility.dg1.com/vc4diversity/pages/female-angel-investors or directly  get your membership here: https://swissfintechladies.com/product/female-business-angels/
  • We will focus on the following topics
  • closing the female wealth gap,
  • Female entrepreneurship,
  • Angel Investing and sustainability,
  • longevity

How can we support you? Let us know by replying to this mail sending us your wishlist. If you feel we are missing any topic you are interested in, put it on our wishlist now. Reply to us!

Like in the past, look forward to our Weekly Market Pulse with Colivar on the Presseportal and our website and now also once a month on Instagram.

Karen Wendt will give you tons of information about Female Wealth Management exclusively on her LinkedIn account:


First of all, we would like to wish you all the best for the year 2024. May you and your families be happy, healthy and blessed.

Presseportal: https://www.presseportal.ch/de/nr/100096065https://swissfintechladies.ch/blog/

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