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Exclusive interview with Mahnoosh Mirghaemi (PhD. Executive MBA)


Exclusive interview with Mahnoosh Mirghaemi (PhD. Executive MBA)

Exclusive interview with Mahnoosh Mirghaemi (PhD. Executive MBA)

You already know Mahnoosh Mirghaemi from the Weekly Market Impulse. On the SwissFinTechLadies Art and Start-up Night and Donors Gala received the diversity award for her company Colivar Gestion SA.

Today we have the honour to welcome Mahnoosh Mirghaemi (PhD. Executive MBA), Managing Director at Colivar Gestion SA to our exclusive video.

What is your favourite project?

My favourite project is the development of the Colivar wealth management platform. This platform is designed not just as a financial tool but as a comprehensive solution to bridge the wealth gap and address critical needs, such as understanding the importance of early investment with know-how. It integrates smart, personalised financial planning with an emphasis on financial literacy and inclusivity. Seeing it evolve and positively impact not only women but also families is deeply fulfilling.

How did you get to where you are now? 

My path to leading a cutting-edge wealth management platform in Switzerland began with a blend of entrepreneurial drive, a passion for capital markets, and a deep understanding of how technology can revolutionise financial services. My focus has always been on addressing wealth inequality and enhancing financial security for women. Resilience, continuous learning, and the support of mentors and peers have been key to my journey, shaping both my professional growth and the success of our platform.

Where do you want to be in 2 years with your commitment? What do you want to achieve next?

In two years, I envision our platform significantly narrowing the wealth gap and becoming a key tool for women and families to secure their financial future. I aim to expand our reach, incorporate more AI-driven personalisation, and enhance our educational modules. The goal is not just to provide financial services, but to empower users with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions for their long-term benefit.

What attributes do you believe women need to possess to succeed in this finch, web4 finance industry?

Women in fintech and Web4 finance need to possess resilience, adaptability, and a continuous learning mindset. The tech field is fast-evolving, so staying updated with trends and technologies is crucial. Women should also embrace leadership and assertiveness, as these traits are key to navigating a traditionally male-dominated industry. Networking and mentorship are equally important to open doors and create more inclusive opportunities.

What traits should men possess to make collaboration between men and women a practice that makes the environment grow and encourages synchronicity?

Men in this sector should possess empathy, respect, and a genuine commitment to diversity. Collaboration is enhanced when there is mutual respect and an understanding of different perspectives. Men should be allies, advocating for inclusivity and creating an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Encouraging mentorship and support, along with a willingness to learn from their female colleagues, can foster a growth-centric and harmonious workspace.

Thank you so much, Mahnoosh Mirghaemi, for taking your time and reply to our questions.

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