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Exclusive interview with Katie Richards, Senior Manager


Exclusive interview with Katie Richards, Senior Manager

Exclusive interview with Katie Richards, Senior Manager

Today we are pleased to present you with the exclusive interview with Katie Richards, Senior Manager. More information about her to follow in the interview.

1. What is your favourite project?

Colivar Gestion from Dr. Manoosh Mirghaemi, who is tailoring support for women in learning how to manage with confidence their own finances and invest. This targeted approach helps women with the specific financial challenges and goals they may have in budgeting, investing, retirement planning, and other areas of personal finance. By addressing individual needs, these services empower women with the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions.

2. How did you get to where you are now? What is your position?

Discipline, hard work, passion to learn, courage, networking, being authentic, and being open to learning and trying new things.

I am a senior manager of a new global venture focused on building a platform for UHNWIs and asset managers to access active and passively managed digital asset investment products. I am in charge of platform delivery on the business side.

3. Where do you want to be in 2 years with your commitment? What do you want to achieve next?

In two years, I would like to see that the venture has rolled out in four jurisdictions, and I would like to continue expanding the venture in both the product offering and jurisdictions with the team.

4. What attributes do you believe women need to possess to succeed in this finch, web4 finance industry?

For women to succeed in fintech/web3, they must have courage, curiosity, self-confidence, stamina, and exercise good judgement.

Networking with communities like Swiss Fintech Ladies (SFTL) or Women in Web 3 Switzerland (WIW3CH), for example, is extremely helpful for supporting, encouraging, and providing opportunities with like-minded individuals to share experiences, exchange advice, and collaborate.

5. What traits should men possess to make collaboration between men and women a practice that makes the environment grow and encourages synchronicity?

Collaboration is a two-way street. Promoting a collaborative and growth-oriented environment between men and women involves fostering inclusivity, mutual respect, and constructive communication. I believe both men and women should possess the following traits for positive joint outcomes: empathy, effective communication, respect for diversity, and commitment to equality.

Thanks so much to Katie for taking your time to answer our questions. Good luck with your projects!

Presseportal: https://www.presseportal.ch/de/nr/100096065https://swissfintechladies.ch/blog/

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