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Exclusive interview with Karen Wendt and BX Suisse at the WEF


Exclusive interview with Karen Wendt and BX Suisse at the WEF

BX Suisse approached us for an interview in Davos at the WEF. The main topic was to understand why we are making our own event at the WEF. We had the pleasure of talking to them in an interview.

Here you can find the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXQs6QyxeMc

Main Takeaways:

Why we are here: The SwissFinTechLadies have created their own event to make a political statement. Closing the female wealth gap, the female entrepreneurship gap, and the female funding gap are important both for the economy and for social justice. We cannot blame others; we have to start to do something. It is crucial for women to start investing and not to wait.

We support you on this journey: Women often have no clue where to start when it comes to investing, entreprising and fundraising. This is also the reason why the SwissFinTechLadies were born. Karen, our president, was 5 years in investment banking when she realised she did not invest herself.

Although she did valuations for companies, it did not occur to her to invest. She learned it on the tennis court playing tennis with other men, who spoke about their investments and discussed them with each other. Sounds crazy, right?

Today she says: I don´t want other women going into the same situation. The SwissFinTechLadies want to empower women to invest and be successful with it. This is also why we created our female angel investing club.

Presseportal: https://www.presseportal.ch/de/nr/100096065https://swissfintechladies.ch/blog/

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