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Exclusive Interview with Delia Bohren from “Stutz mit Delia”


Exclusive Interview with Delia Bohren from “Stutz mit Delia”

Exclusive Interview with Delia Bohren from “Stutz mit Delia”

Exclusive Interview with Delia Bohren from “Stutz mit Delia”

What is your favourite project?

Definitely my blog. I like to share my learnings and experiences with other readers so that I can inspire other women about finance and pensions.Creating awareness is one of my main goals.

How did you get to where you are now?

My blog is still relatively young. I started my blog in spring 2023. I’ve been able to speak at a few events and panel discussions and give workshops for associations and groups.I would like to expand this further next year.

Where would you like to be with your commitment in 2 years’ time? What would you like to achieve next?

I would like to continue my training in the area of finance. I also want to set up a financial literacy project for women and children.

What qualities do you think women need to have to be successful in the fintech and web4finance sector?

As I don’t work in this area, I like to look at this question from a different perspective.
Women face structural discrimination and a lot of bias (gender bias, conformity bias, etc.) in society and in the workplace. It is up to companies, us as a society and women themselves to raise awareness of these issues. This requires energy, perseverance and support from superiors, entrepreneurs and the social environment.

What qualities should men possess in order for collaboration between men and women to become a practice that allows the environment to grow?

Openness and acceptance.In my work and my social media activities, we encounter many open and progressive men. That’s great! I’ve also been able to sensitise my father and partner to gender equality issues and collaboration 😉 However, I also encounter a lot of insecurity and fear of losing power and position. Change always leads to uncertainty. That’s part of it. It’s important to see collaboration and diversity as an opportunity.You can’t help where, how and with which gender you were born. In my view, it is essential to recognise that you were (sometimes) born with certain privileges. Many of the opportunities we are given in life depend not only on our personal performance, but also to a large extent on our gender, socio-economic status and background.

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