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How SmartPurse and SwissFinTechLadies Smash Boundaries Together We are proud to announce our partnership with SmartPurse. Whats in for you?

  1. Double the Power, Double the Impact πŸ’ͺ

Combining forces means twice the resources, expertise, and energy. Imagine the possibilities when two powerhouse networks join forces! #StrongerTogether

  1. Epic Reach 🌐

With double the followers and members, your message goes further. Think global, act global. From local events to international conferences, the world is your stage. #GlobalGoals

  1. Innovation on Steroids πŸš€

Two networks mean twice the brains. Mix and match ideas to create groundbreaking projects that no one’s ever seen before. #InnovateToElevate

  1. Advocacy Like a Boss πŸ“£

A united front means your voice is louder and more powerful. Together, you can make waves in policy changes and societal impact. #VoiceForChange

  1. Network Nirvana 🌟

Expand your professional circle to infinity and beyond. Connect with mentors, experts, and peers from all corners of the world. #NetworkingGoals

  1. Skill Up x2 πŸŽ“

Access an insane variety of workshops, training sessions, and educational resources. Level up your game with the best of both worlds. #LevelUp

  1. Bigger, Better Events πŸŽ‰

Collaborate on next-level events that are bigger, bolder, and more impactful. Think massive conferences, exclusive workshops, and unforgettable experiences. #EventGoals

  1. Shared Dreams, Shared Success 🌠

Pool your resources for scalable, sustainable projects. Together, you can dream bigger and achieve more. #DreamTeam

  1. Ultimate Visibility πŸ“Έ

Two brands, one mission. Amplify your visibility with joint marketing efforts, get more media coverage, and make a bigger splash. #BrandingBoss

  1. Comprehensive Support System

Provide a holistic support system that covers all bases, from financial literacy to entrepreneurship. Be the ultimate resource for women’s empowerment. #SupportSquad

How Splint Invest and SwissFinTechLadies make passion assets a splendid investment for women. It is a great investment opportunity. It offers a great customer experience and is easy to use.

Whether your passion is art, diamonds or designer handbags, its easy to become an owner of a partition of your beloved piece. Assetization and Tokenization open up a new investment universe to you, allowing you to not just own a part of your beloved piece but also participate in the value increase of these limited edition or original pieces.

As the fastest-growing European platform for alternative investments, Splint Invest will provide SmartPurse and SwissFinTechLadies members with exclusive access to unique investment opportunities in Handbags, Champagne, Diamonds, and Art, starting from just 50 EUR. πŸ’ŽπŸΎπŸ‘œπŸŽ¨

Moreover, Splint Invest will serve as a valuable source of knowledge and insights for these asset categories, empowering the members of SmartPurse and SwissFinTechLadies to make informed and confident investment decisions and to build a well-diversified portfolio.

Together, we are breaking new ground in the world of alternative investments, making it accessible and exciting for everyone.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities!