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Change your beliefs with Rapid Transformation Therapy


Change your beliefs with Rapid Transformation Therapy

Change your beliefs with Rapid Transformation Therapy

Marisa Peer coined this term, which has already helped many people deal with their beliefs. Marisa says, “We shape our beliefs, and our beliefs shape us.”.

What is behind this?

We humans are moulded from an early age by the things that our environment gives us along the way. These can be little phrases from our parents, such as “Oh, you’ll never make it” or “You shouldn’t eat so much, it’ll make you fat,” but they can also be things that playmates have said to us on the school playground: “You’re rubbish at sports.”.

These comments become beliefs according to which we organise our lives. It has been proven that people who are often told in childhood that they can’t do something give up much more quickly than children who have received positive reinforcement from their parents.

With Rapid Transformation Therapy, these beliefs can be transformed. Fast and effective results are achieved. However, these results do not only include the psyche; they can also release blockages or pain.
How does it work?
Rapid Transformational Therapy is a therapeutic approach developed by Marisa Peer that combines elements of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), psychotherapy, and cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). The goal of RTT is to bring about rapid and lasting change in an individual’s thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours. The 1 percent method—changing 1 percent of your habits—is more in the realm of cognitive-behavioural belief. Transforming assumptions is about creating space for new imaginations and visualisations, and therefore it is important to understand the root causes of procrastination and your self-development enemies and replace them with positive beliefs. This is also true for your belief system when it comes to money. Many people believe that they do not have enough of it. So imagine how it would be if you had enough. What would you do with it? Find the roadblocks.

You will be surprised to learn that financial success can also be affected by this. If you have always been told by those around you that you should keep your money together and not waste it pointlessly, you will be less willing to invest money.

Perhaps 2024 will be the year in which you throw your beliefs overboard and change your life from the ground up.


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