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Afformative Collaboration


Afformative Collaboration

Afformative Collaboration

Meet our panelists, Start-Ups and CEOs for digitalization in our fireside chat today at 9 a.m. at Oberwiesstr.3 at Mountain Plaza Hotel. Look forward to groundbreaking startup pitches and inspiring panel discussion moderated by our SwissFinTechLadies president Karen Wendt.

At our fireside chat meet Stefan Klauser CEO of AISOT and Prof. Christian Farioli, passionpreneur. Revolutionize female wealth management with Colivar and circular economy with CIRO.

Our insights and projects are brought to you by Prof. Anina Hille (Green FinTech Working Group), Daria Mühlethaler (Longevity Working Group), Emma Wheeler (UBS Female Wealth Management and SFTL partner) and Iwona Fluda (Creative Switzerland).

Karen will address the elephants in the room with this inspiring ladies group. Watch out on Karens Interview with BX Suisse about the purpose of SwissFinTechLadies, her investment behavior, the goals of the association and why we change money infrastructure.

If you haven’t already, go immediately and register here for free:https://www.worldinnovationeconomics.org/

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